Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Work in Shops

 I'm happy to have work represented by two new shops.

In November I shipped several pieces to Pragmata Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. I was honored to have to opportunity to make my Japan debut in the wonderful space. It is a fantastic representation of simple beauty following the wabi aesthetic.

Vase No. 3  by Mitch Iburg. 
Anagama ware by Mitch Iburg. 

Vase 2 by Mitch Iburg, 20cm h. 10ck ø. 

New artist’s work arrived!
From USA, Mitch Iburg makes anagama fired vessels. 
Tall vase, 20cm, 12.5 ø. 



I have also sent work to Ioneta - a new shop  in Maine representing a small but mindful selection of works from Japan and the US. My vase is this week's featured item.

photo © 2013 Ioneta

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